Wedding Rentals

A wedding should be a special day and a special event for everyone involved. Many people hire on professional wedding planners to make their wedding more organized, enjoyable, and of course, memorable. No one wants a dull and boring wedding!

There is no doubt that a skilled and experienced wedding planner can help, but it doesn’t come without a price. If you have just a slight amount of creativity and don’t plan on going all out for your wedding ceremony and reception, it may be worth your time (and budget) to take on this challenge yourself with the help of wedding rentals, available everywhere! Here are a few tips to help you create a perfect ambiance and a most memorable wedding.

8 Wedding Rental Tips

1. If you are renting glassware, make sure you check all the glasses when they are delivered as there might be cracked, chipped or even dirty glasses that you are paying for. Never sign anything until you have checked the order first. Remember to count all the items as well.

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2. The same thing goes for renting plates. Before you sign the order first check the quantity and the state of the plates. If there are any chipped, broken or dirty plates, make a note of them and have them credit you for those items.

3. Develop a good relationship with your caterer. This cost-saving tips on wedding rentals are so simple yet so effective. Find out if your caterer is renting items and if so from which rental agency. Once that is done, make sure that you state that you would like your rental items to be delivered and returned at the same time as your caterers. This saves a lot of money as the rental items are both going to the same location and therefore only one delivery charge.

4. If you are going to rent real champagne glassware for the toasts, then rather opt for “flat” champagne glasses than fluted ones as they usually cost less and tend to not break as easily. This should minimize your replacement costs.

5. When renting plates, try to have them rinsed before sending them back to the rental company as they tend to charge you extra for cleaning dried food off the plates.

6. This cost-saving tips on wedding rentals is not mentioned upfront. Most rental companies charge extra if the items are returned late. Make sure that you have a very responsible person in charge of returning all rentals on time.

7. If you are renting linen, place something under the candles, so that they do not drip onto the linen as you will pay for damages. Same thing with smoking and burn marks. Paying replacement costs are very expensive.

8. If your wedding is in a more casual setting, consider renting plastic heavyweight glasses and plates. You can find these that have the feel of etched glass but at a much lower price than real glassware. Disposable plates and glasses can also work – you’ll be surprised how great they can look, you just need to know where to look.

Every human being wants his wedding to be an overwhelming experience. Look for wedding rentals which have a strong reputation. In addition to that, you should be prepared to spend some extra money, and the make this day more memorable.