When it comes to trampolines, you have a few options you’ll want to consider before you buy. The best trampolines will endure through years of use and wear, so don’t get caught up buying a cheap trampoline. Think of it more as a long-term investment versus something that is only going to get a few seasons worth of use. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect trampoline for your home and family.

First, let it be known that buying local may not land you with all of the best options on the market today. And that’s okay. I think most of you are familiar with this thing called the internet, yeah? I’m assuming, yes, since you are here reading this article right now. With that being said, and assuming again that you aren’t in a place where there are a ton of trampoline options in your local town or city, Amazon should be your go-to shopping destination.

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Trampoline Frames

Most trampolines are made with steel frames. They have to in order to deal with all of the use. The steel frames will be perfect for indoors or outdoors. Even though most trampolines have steel frames, not all have the same thickness of steel. You’ll see options ranging typically from 14-16 gauge. If you are planning on using yours outside, find one that is galvanized or powder-coated to protect the steel from the weather and to make sure it won’t rust out. Rusting trampolines tend to break much sooner.

Padding on the Edges

Again, all (or most) trampolines will have some sort of protective padding layer on the outside edges of the trampoline. These are usually soft, padded foam covers with a UV shield to make sure that the padding won’t lose its effectiveness after sitting in the sun for years on end.

Make sure that the padding on your trampoline covers all of the frame and springs and that there are no gaps that someone could accidentally fall through and hurt themselves.


This is an option that not all trampolines will have. The bigger the model, the more likely, and more important an enclosure will be. The reason you might want to have an enclosure is to protect jumpers from falling outside of the jump area and hurting themselves. This is more common with bigger trampolines where multiple people are using the trampoline at the same time.

Size of Jumping Surface

The jumping surface is ultimately how big you want your trampoline to be. And there really are all kinds of size options here; from super small to super large. When you see the sizing of the trampoline, they are usually measuring the diameter from outside the rim.

Other Safety Features to Consider

Before you buy your trampoline, you’ll of course want to make sure it is as safe as possible for you, your friends, and your family. Here are a few safety features to consider…

The enclosure – If you choose to have an enclosure, make sure it is durable enough to redirect the bouncer back on to the mat. You don’t want a weak enclosure that will only tear or rip leaving the bouncer falling outside of the trampoline.

Padding – This may be the most important aspect of safety for the trampoline. Make sure the padding is thick and covers all of the springs with no gaps. Padding should also be secure and not move around easily when someone is using the trampoline.

Springs – As a general rule of thumb, long springs mean smooth jumping and short springs are more ridged and more likely to break.

Types of Trampolines

There are quite a few options when it comes to these bouncy toys. Some people buy them for fun and recreation, and others buy them more for fitness and training. Here are a few different varieties you’ll find on Amazon…

Trampolines for Kids

Look for age usage in the description to see what ages they are made for. Usually, the smaller the trampoline, the safer they are for smaller kids. And you can typically find kids trampolines starting at 4-8 feet, 9-13 feet, and 14 feet and up.

Trampolines for Fitness

These are the smallest trampolines on the market and are perfect for the home. Generally ranging from 35-44 inches, these trampolines can help you improve several areas of health, including balance, cardio endurance, motor skills, strength training and more!


That’s about all that needs to be said about trampolines and I hope this article will be of some use to you in your quest to find that perfect trampoline for your home!