Tablecloth Rental

One of the most integral parts of a great ambiance and mood for a party or even is the tablecloths you use. Available in a variety of colors, fabrics and sizes, they add character and style to tables. You can have tablecloths in your home, office or venue as part of the daily adornments. They can also be added to increase the appeal of your furniture during events.

When searching for tablecloths, you can either buy a set or rent them from a supplier. If you want some tablecloths to have in your home or venue permanently, buying them is, of course, the best option. However, if you want tablecloths for a one-time event, renting them may be the way to go. Here is a bit more about renting tablecloths vs buying and how to go about it.

What Is Available For Tablecloth Rental?

There are companies which stock a variety of tablecloths for you to rent. They have hundreds of styles, fabrics, textures and colors available for you. To ensure your satisfaction as a customer, the rental prices are usually low. Moreover, you can rent multiple styles of tablecloths so as to create attractive tablescapes for your event. Not only do these suppliers have a wide range of tablecloths for you, they also provide consumer care assistants who can help you to pick, combine and organize your tablecloths. What do they have to offer? Read on and find out.

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Tablecloth Varieties Available For You

There is a wide variety of tablecloth styles and designs which you can pick from. Firstly, there is the table linen style. This is a cloth that covers the entire surface of your table and drapes over the sides almost to the floor.

Overlays are a type of medium-sized, cropped tablecloth that is draped over a larger one. Often contrasting in color, the overlay is added for dramatic effect and to increase the appeal of your setup.

Table runners are some slim tablecloths which are laid upon larger ones for decorative purposes. They have contrasting colors and divide the table into two sections. Modern tablecloth rental providers have all these types of fabrics on offer.

Conditions of Tablecloth Rental

When renting tablecloths, there are a number of conditions which are specified by the suppliers. Firstly, tablecloth rentals normally leave the warehouse as soon as orders are placed. Therefore, it is advisable to make an order around 20 days before your event. Also, online tablecloth rental companies normally require that you create a consumer’s account. This one helps you to place orders, pay for them and track your tablecloths easily. The accounts also help in keeping records of your interaction with the supplier.

How To Rent Tablecloths Online

The process of renting some tablecloths is easy and straightforward. It begins with finding some tablecloths that you desire. After that, you can add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout section. Here, you fill in the information about your event date, billing and shipping data too. After that, you can place your order. A confirmation email is sent to you containing the order number of your tablecloths.


Tablecloth Rental is an efficient way to get the decorative drapings which you need for your event. Once you have finished using them, you are required to post mark the order back through the mail system within 3 days of the conclusion of your event. After the rented tablecloths have made it back to the supplier, you will receive your security deposit promptly.