River Rock

River rock has many uses for home owners. One of the most beneficial uses of river rock, if used correctly, is that it can increase the value of your home! Well placed river rock can truly beautify your landscape offering more curb appeal. The only issue is finding affordable river rock can be somewhat difficult depending on your location. Luckily, Amazon and other online retailers now offer it for sale and you can have pounds of river rock delivered straight to your door in as little as a few days!

What to Look For in Quality River Rock

First, understand that river rock is well known for its very smooth and polished texture. Most of these rocks are round, but you want a good variety of sizes for landscaping purposes. You’ll typically find rocks ranging from well under an inch to over 5 inches in circumference.

Perfect River Rocks For Sale at Amazon!

One neat thing about river rocks is that you really can use them anywhere on your property. The neutral colors of the rocks will work around any property, no matter the color of the home or office.

Here are a few more tips on how you can use river rock.


Walkways – The perfect choice for paths and/or walkways. Because they are so smooth, you can lay them out and walk on them comfortably. You can also use them on a driveway as an alternative to cement.

Playgrounds – If you have a play area for the children, river rock is a perfect foundation to lay around swingsets, sandboxes, etc. Again, because they are so smooth it will not hurt their feet and they can even be great shock absorbers if you lay down a few layers of river rock.

Gardening – River rock is well known amongst the gardening community. The rocks allow great drainage and looks stunning! You can use them for edging around the whole garden, or place them around plants to add a touch of highlighting. They also don’t attract bugs and last a long, long time.

Highlighting Water – Have a fountain, pool or pond? River rock is the perfect addition to enhance your water areas. You can also lay out river rock to create a nice foundation to act as a river bed and guide your water.

Preventing Erosion – Many lawns transform quickly due to mother nature. Laying out river rock can prevent erosion due to heavy rains and weather. This is especially useful for sloped landscapes.


How much you pay for river rock will ultimately depend on what you are using it for, how much you’ll need, and the size of the rocks you want. Obviously, the smaller the quantity and smaller size of rocks will be cheaper, but you can save some money by buying in bulk.

For smaller projects, you can save quite a bit of money by ordering online. Amazon sells 2 pounds of river rock for under $10.

Where to Buy River Rock

If you are looking for larger quantities of river rock, you can find bags (usually 20 pounds or more) for sale at suppliers like Menards, Home Depot and anywhere that sells landscaping and/or plants. You’ll have more luck finding options in larger metropolitan areas that may even have stores dedicated to selling all kinds of rocks and gravel. Or you can always buy online.