Picnic Tables

Picnic tables can make any outdoor space into a gathering or dining area. Adults and children alike will love to spend quality time with friends and family out in the open, sitting on these tables, chit-chatting, enjoying the weather and devouring delicious food. Since these outdoor tables have such an important role to play, you must select them for your space very carefully, and to help you find the right one given below are some points that you must consider.


Picnic tables come in varying ranges and can be as low as $200 and go more than $2000. Thus, before you go out searching for one, you need to decide your budget. Furthermore, as the size, style, and materials can affect the price, once you have your budget, your choices will narrow down, and then finding the right one will be easier.


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As you will be using the outdoor tables either for your yards, patios, or decks, the amount of available space plays an important role. You can either opt for a ready-made picnic table, or if you do not find one that meets your requirements perfectly then you can even have one custom made. Traditional tables are usually made to sit eight people, and though their height will never be an issue, you must consider their width and length if you have a space problem. What you should ideally do is take a measurement of your outdoor space and then subtract a few feet from every side, and then decide what size table will fit in the area best.


You can get picnic tables in many different styles, including A-frame, round, octagonal and also kid-sized tables. While deciding the style also consider if you will need moving benches or prefer those that come attached to the tables.


The most common options that you have as far as the material of the outdoor tables is concerned are metal, plastic, concrete, and wood.

Metal – metal tables are becoming more and more popular because of them having no maintenance problem and as they are highly durable. Such tables can withstand any elements, and you just need to clean them occasionally.

Plastic – plastic tables need to be cleaned regularly, and other than that no maintenance is needed. They are even very light and thus you can easily move them when needed. Furthermore, since the materials used to construct plastic tables are pretty cheap, these tables will prove to be an ideal choice for those on a tight budget.

Concrete – stone or concrete tables last really long but they are heavier compared to the other types of outdoor tables. Also, as far as the colors are concerned, you have limited choices as marble and concrete are light in color.

Wood – wooden tables are crafted out of various types including walnut, cedar, bamboo, birch, maples, pinewood, and teak, and so on. They are finished with a sealant or stain to make sure they resist or repel water. Even if wooden tables are sealed they usually need regular maintenance like re-staining, re-sealing, or even repainting.

So, now that you know what exactly to consider while searching for an ideal picnic table, finding the right one will be pretty easy. Just make sure you select one carefully as it is going to be quite an investment, and you certainly would want it to last you really long.