Party Tents

There are quite a number of important factors one has to consider when buying a party tent besides the obvious considerations like price, color and the quality of the material. A good party tent sets the mood of the party and some occasions like friend’s reunion party or small birthday party cannot share the same tent as a big formal business party or a wedding. While the purpose of a the tent is to protect the guests from the harsh environmental elements like sunlight, rain or cold, there is not a single universal tent design that can perfectly cater for all party sizes and weather conditions. In this guide, we are going to explore the various factors to consider when buying  or renting the perfect party tent.

Size Of The Tent

The very first thing to consider is the size of the tent you require. Size is directly related to the number of people expected at the party and the space available to erect the tent. It is, however, not as straight forward as it seems to be. You still need to plan for extra space to accommodate isles, dance floors, tables and other furniture. An auditorium style seating arrangement should allow about 5 square feet per person. Parties where meals are served on tables such as weddings or dinner parties should allow 12 square feet per person if round tables are used and 10 square feet per person for rectangular tables. Space occupied by caterers, buffet tables and bars has to be considered as well.

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The Type of Tent Construction

Depending on the size of your party and the weather conditions, there are several tent types to choose from.

  • Pop-up Party Tent: These are cheap and easy to set up. Due to their small size and relatively weak construction, they cannot be set up permanently and can only be used in small events like garden parties and camping.
  • Pole Tent: These are supported by poles that are firmly dug into the ground around the perimeter and a few longer poles placed at the center. Tension ropes are used to hold the tent material firmly in place. They are light and easy to set up, but require a large space. Due to the strong construction, they can withstand strong winds. Large tents can be set up this way.
  • Tension Tent: These tents are similar to pole tents apart from the center poles, which are much longer than those used in pole party tents. The longer center poles result in dramatic high peaks which improve drainage and wind resistance; hence, the tent can stay erect for an extended period of time. The elegant construction makes them suitable for formal parties and weddings.
  • Frame Tent: In this design, tubular metal frame is used for support without the center frame. These tents are much more flexible and occupy a relatively small space, but are much heavier and more expensive. The setup cannot withstand strong winds either. They are suitable for small parties and an environment where the wind is calm.

Other factors to consider are the inclusion of tent walls, which provide privacy and protect the occupants from cold, wind and rain. In areas with extremely cold temperatures or wet ground, it is important to consider tent flooring.