Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Searching for a Varidesk or similar height adjustable standing desk near you?

You’re probably well aware of the health risks that come with sitting at a desk all day, and/or you are already literally feeling what long exposure to sitting can do to your body and mind. The good news is that now you finally have some options to ease the pain and you can stand when you need to and sit when you want to.

Finding the right standing desk option near you isn’t always easy though. Varidesks and other affordable options aren’t necessarily going to be available locally everywhere in the US quite yet. If you do find them near you, your options will be severely limited, which means that your price options will be limited as well.

This is why it’s imperative to use the internet and all of the shopping options on it to find the best standing desk for you. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your new standing desk online.

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Height Options

Obviously you don’t want to your desk to be too high or too low. Bending and leaning over, or having to reach too much to type will cause just as much pain as sitting all day. You will want to find a desk that has variable height options so you can adjust it to find your perfect height….and be able to move it up and down how you want, when you want.

Depth Options

The depth is dependent on how big your monitor and keyboard is, and how far you want them set back to give you maximum amount of work space. Some people like to really spread out their work and have room to move around and set things about. Some people only need it specifically for the keyboard and small monitor. More depth generally means more dollar bills.

Movement Options

Some height adjustable desks, like the Varidesk, are extremely simple and uncomplicated to move up and down. Others not so much. You don’t want to have to hire a muscle man every time you want to raise or lower your desk. Find one that moves with ease and doesn’t make a lot of noise when doing so. How fast or slow it raises should also be something to look into.

Other Features

When it comes to standing, height adjustable desks, you really have quite a plethora of options to choose from online nowadays. Some of these standing desks are quite simple, affordable, and don’t offer much in the way of capabilities. But since you aren’t paying much, they won’t be overly complicated to use and if you are looking just for something to raise and lower, you don’t need to think much about all of the extras. On the other hand, there are quite complex standing desks that come with different options and features like; programmability height functions, remote controls, lighting options, wheel options, etc.


Now you know about some of the options you’ll want to consider when shopping for your first standing desk. Depending on what you want, whether you need all the bells and whistles or not, be prepared to spend a few hundred bucks at the very least. Some Varidesk options and other brands will cost you a few $k for the really good ones. No matter what, your best options for a standing desk today will always be online. Check sites like Amazon for your best buys at the most affordable prices.