When it comes to fencing, you have a plethora of options to say the least. The fence you decide on not only makes a difference in what your house and property look like from the outside, but it will also provide protection and privacy. You want to make sure you keep your animals in and others out. The material you use, including length and height of the fence, are all variables you will have control of and should be thought about before you make any purchases.

Today, most homeowners will have the option to choose from about 8 basic fences; chain link, wrought iron, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, electric, bamboo and of course, wood.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum may be the most popular fence today, A because of its relative cheap pricing and B because, well, it looks great too. The only real setback with aluminum is the fact that it is not very durable, bends and breaks easily, and won’t be much of a hindrance to would be intruders.

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Wooden Fencing

Some of the most intricate designs and styles are available in wood. It also provides much better security than aluminum because it is sturdy and can withstand high winds and other possible severe weather.

Wooden fences can also be custom made to look and feel how you want. You can also make the fences to be as high as you’d like too, to offer even more protection. The major drawback of opting the wood fence is the price you will have to pay. Looking good with great protection comes at a price, but it may be worth it to you.

PVC Fencing

This is a growing trend of fencing today. More and more people are buying PVC because it’s downright cheap. You will not get more bang for your buck than with this option. So if you have a large yard to protect, you may seriously want to consider PVC fencing. It’s also known to withstand bad weather and last quite some time.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron fences are by far the sturdiest type of fencing you can buy. They are super heavy durty, which means they’re heavy and are somewhat difficult to install (assuming you are going to try this yourself). While a well-placed wrought iron fence can look beautiful, be ready to fork over a good amount of coin to buy this and get it installed. Upkeep will also be a major chore with this option.


Vinyl fencing looks great, is generally easy to install, and is surprisingly very, very strong and durable. In-fact, it’s up to five times stronger than wood and much more flexible. So you wouldn’t have to worry so much about strong winds knocking this down anytime soon.

Another cool thing about vinyl fencing is that it always looks freshly painted and it can be cleaned with your normal garden hose.

Chain Link Fences

Another viable option if you are looking for a standard fence that is cheap and easy to install. Most school yards and playgrounds use chain link fencing because it is pretty easy and cost efficient to fence up very large areas of land.

Electric Fences

There are a few different kinds of electric fencing options you might be interested in here. Obviously an electric fence is built with protection in mind and one type will shock anything that touches it once it’s on, while the other is invisible and does nothing more than send an electronic signal and vibration to your dog’s collar, letting it know where its boundaries are.

Bamboo Fencing

This option is relatively new but starting to pick up steam as more and more people are starting to add bamboo fencing to their yards. Bamboo has a very unique look, it’s natural so it’s very environmentally friendly, and it’s also very light so it is easier to haul around and install. Plus it offers great privacy!


No matter what, understand your needs upfront before you walk into any fencing store. Know how much fencing you want and how high you’ll need it. Then you can consider things like privacy, security, ease of install, and budget to ultimately figure out what material you’ll want to use for your next fencing project.