Dream Catchers – A Guide to Good Dreams

So you’re looking for a Dream Catcher. Some might consider Dream Catchers solely for the art and beauty aspect, but the Native Americans will tell you these should be used as tools to help us “catch” the good dreams and get rid of the bad nightmares. The good dreams get caught in the catcher and the bad pass through. But are the best Dream Catchers available locally?

Not all Dream Catchers are made equally. In fact, some are just made for commercial purposes and have no real dream catching abilities at all. So how do you tell what’s good and what’s bad?

While you may be looking for dream catchers to buy near you, sadly for many, this is not an option at all. And even if you do have Dream Catchers available at your local retail outlets, you options may be limited and you might not get one that fits best for you personally.

And that’s why we always suggest buying from an online retailer that has hand selected some of the most well-known Dream Catchers that are loved world-wide and proven to work. Sites like Gnarly Ninja and their small but perfect selection of Dream Catchers offer a variety that are affordable and beautiful just the same. We highly recommend them to start.

When you are looking for a Dream Catcher for you, you’ll want something that catches your eye right away. You may even want something that captures your personality in color and design.

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Color and Design

Of course there are a plethora of different Dream Catcher options when you are searching online. You’ll find some white as a ghost and others that are as colorful as the rainbow, literally. But color isn’t all you should focus on. Their design and the way they look should strike a chord with you as well.

Some designs have one circle catcher, while others have three, four or five. They can get pretty exotic and also come in different sizes. A small one with one dream catcher circle isn’t any less reliable or less likely to work than a large one with five dream catcher circles. The one you choose should be one that represents who you are and your own personality.

It’s said that smaller Dream Catchers won’t interfere with your dreams as much as large ones. I wouldn’t put too much stock into this hearsay and focus more on finding one that YOU think looks good, regardless of size.

Aside from colors, size and number of catchers, you’ll also find other accessories like beads, feathers and charms. These accessories aren’t needed to help your dreams, but if they help you see your Dream Catcher in a more positive light, then go for it.

The most important thing is to make sure that you feel like you love the way your Dream Catcher looks and feels. Don’t focus on whether or not it matches the colors of your wall or décor or what your friends or family think. It’s your Dream Catcher and you want it to be effective and work for you to help you have better dreams, so find one that you like.

Using Your New Dream Catcher

Since most people don’t have access to a Native American Shaman, here’s what we advise:

Light up your favorite incense and pass your new Dream Catcher through the smoke and say something to the effect of, “I bless this in the name of Gaia.” Gaia meaning Earth, and you are just blessing your Dream Catcher.

Next, place your Dream Catcher in a white, cotton bag and take it somewhere where you are surrounded by nature and away from the city life. Let it soak in and absorb all of the positive wonders and energy of nature.

When you get back home, hang the Dream Catcher above your bed somewhere where it can hang and move freely without obstruction.

That’s it! It should start working immediately. I always make sure to say my thanks to mother Earth for being alive and all of the opportunities life presents me before and after bed.