Clip-In Hair Extensions

Need to add length, color and/or volume to your already beautiful hair? Clip-in hair extensions work perfectly and can be your answer to transform your hair however you please, if length is your problem. Finding quality clip-in hair extensions locally though may not be as easy as you think. Luckily, the internet gives you an unlimited amount of options to choose from. Here are a few pieces of advice to follow when shopping for your new hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extension Facts

You may not have ever tried hair extensions, or clip-in hair extensions. If this is true, let me be the first to tell you that they are very simple to apply and only temporary. So if it’s length you want for that wedding you are going to next weekend, these clip-in extensions will work perfectly for you.

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Also, the way that they attach to your hair is completely safe. They won’t cause any damage or pull out any of your hair. The more permanent hair extensions, however, can and often do cause damage. So you are better off with the clip-in versions if you want to keep your hair healthy.


Even the best clip-ins are relatively inexpensive and certainly won’t take any time to apply and use, as opposed to having to set an appointment at the hair salon and paying those outrageous fees. And they last longer and won’t take near as much maintenance. Probably the biggest and best thing about using clip-ins vs. other hair extensions is that you can take them out or use different one’s whenever you please!


The first thing you’ll want to consider is the length of extensions to use. They clip-in close to the root, so the longer your hair, the longer extensions you’ll need. Here is a chart to help:

  • Short length (6-10”) – Use 10-14” extensions
  • Medium length (11-14”) – Use 14-18” extensions
  • Longer length (15”+) – Use 18” extensions

Human Hair or Synthetic

Human hair: Obviously this is the best options because, well, it’s real. They look better, last longer and will give you more styling options, but you’ll have to pay more. You’ll be able to apply heat and even color this hair. The absolute best clip-in hair extensions you can buy is Remy human hair.

Synthetic hair: A more affordable, and still a great option. Synthetic hair won’t give you as many styling options, but it won’t be affected by weather and they typically last anywhere from 1-3 months before you will have to replace them. But these will work perfectly for special occasions and won’t break the bank.

Clip-in Hair Systems

Last but not least, your buying options include 1-piece or multiple pieces…

1-piece: This is exactly what you think it is. One piece, one attachment. These work great if you are just looking to add a little volume or a little length. These are perfect for beginners who just want to experiment and test.

Multiple pieces: Two or more pieces of hair extensions in a package. Usually they will come in a variety of widths and a variety of wefted hair you will be able to place small to big, moving the way up your hair. These work great for beginners as well because it gives you even more options to work with.