Chinese Paper Lanterns

Looking for Chinese Paper Lanterns for your next party or just to decorate? These beautiful and simple ornaments can be used for all kinds of things and are relatively cheap, depending on how many you are looking for and the quality you are willing to pay for. And these Chinese Lanterns aren’t always available locally. Luckily we have the internet and there are plenty of vendors online selling these in a variety of designs. Read through this guide first before you buy!

Chinese lanterns have been around for a very long time. The original use of the lanterns was, of course, as a light source; indoors and out. The paper around the lantern provided a perfect blockage of wind to ensure they would burn bright for as long as needed. Today, these paper lanterns provide a perfect décor for weddings and other parties, or even just to create a great ambiance at home or place of business. Restaurants use them extensively today.

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Types of Chinese Paper Lanterns

There are 3 basic types of lanterns you’ll be able to choose from and that are still in use in China today: Hanging Lanterns, Flying Lanterns and Floating Lanterns.

Hanging Lanterns:

These are probably the most common of the lanterns that you will find online or locally. You will also seem them around in a lot of places, if you keep an open eye. They are especially popular during the Chinese New Year and used to scare away monsters and bring good luck.

Flying Lanterns:

This is typically celebrated in China, but if you see floating balls of light in the sky during 4th of July celebrations, it’s most likely flying lanterns. These lanterns work by igniting a small flame within the lantern that propels it into the air. They are especially beautiful when a large number of them are released at the same time during celebrations such as the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

Floating Lanterns:

These lanterns are once again popular in China during celebrations such as the Dragon Boat Festival, but instead of sending them upwards in the air, these lanterns actually float down rivers and streams. These lanterns are typically designed differently and come in all kinds of shapes and figures.

Options Online and in the US

Now that you know what kind of lanterns there are, you can now be better prepared for what you will find when you do your shopping.

It’s most likely that you are looking for hanging lanterns that can beautify your home, indoors or outdoors. Again, you will find many color options and sizes ranging from tiny to gigantic. Some stores will give you package options where you can find a range of lanterns that come packed together for one price. Or you may be able to buy bulk and save money too. Others will sell them individually, depending on your need.

The nice thing about shopping online is that you can find 100% authentic Chinese paper lanterns that actually ship from China to anywhere in the US. Sure it may take a bit longer to receive them coming from China, but they will generally be cheaper than buying locally and of course they will be the real deal.

Don’t forget to check out popular online stores like Amazon and eBay. There’s always large selections available there and shorter shipping times if you need them for a party or something like that.