CBD Hemp Oil

So you’re looking for CBD Hemp Oil near you. The good news is that hemp oil is legal everywhere in the US and is not regulated or affected at all by federal marijuana laws. Unfortunately, even though it is legal and we all know about the many benefits it brings, CBD hemp oil may not available locally near you.

With that being said, the absolute best brands of CBD hemp oil can be ordered online and shipped directly to your front door! You don’t even have to leave the house to get the best the industry has to offer. In fact, you’ll have plenty of choices even on the most popular platforms like Amazon.


Check Out CBD Hemp Oil Options on Amazon

The reason CBD oil, or hemp oil, isn’t outlawed or regulated by the feds, like marijuana, is because it is classified instead as a dietary supplement. Let’s take a brief look at some of its benefits and the options you’ll want to consider.

A Great Alternative to Pharmaceutical Painkillers

We all know the dangers of painkillers and how addictive they can be. Sure they work, but if you are on them for too long you can become addicted and there are all kinds of side effects that go right along with these painkillers.

CBD hemp oil, on the other hand, is simply a compound found in a plant that when applied offers a whole plethora of health benefits without any of the harmful side effects. CBD oil, according to many studies, has been reported to reduce pain and inflammation, and help with various illnesses, seizures, and even promotes a natural body balance.

Only Buy From Reputable CBD Brands

Since the CBD oil market is still in its early stages, there hasn’t been much regulation of the products on the market to date. This is why it is very important to do your due diligence and research the various brands before you buy.

Here is a brief list of what to look for to make sure you are getting the real deal…

CBD Extraction

There are several ways to get the CBD oil from the hemp plant, and many brands use cheap methods that could be more harmful to your health than beneficial. Stay away from companies that use any flammable hydrocarbon gasses, like propane or butane, to extract the oil.

We advise to find a brand of CBD oil that uses CO2 extraction instead. This option involves extraction from carbon dioxide at much lower temperatures and preserves the purity of the oil much better without the toxins.

Where the Plant Was Grown

The environment where the plant was grown is also an important consideration to look into before you buy. You don’t want hemp oil extracted from plants grown in soil with toxic heavy metals like lead or mercury. Find brands that source their oil from organic certified regions.

Europe probably has the strictest governing system of hemp oil in the world, and most products grown in the EU are probably safe. Just check and make sure it is organic certified.

Make Sure There is CBD in your CBD Oil

This rule is simple. If there is no dosage strength of CBD (usually in mgs) listed on the bottle, there is a good chance that there is no CBD actually in the product. Be sure you read the label and find a brand that shows its CBD strength.


I hope this article has been helpful and has armed you with more knowledge regarding CBD hemp oil. In the US, you will have more luck ordering your oil online than you will trying to find a good brand in a store near you. Just use the advice given above and you will find a product that will perfect for you.

Keep in mind that not all brands and products will work the same for you. You may be best off trying a few different kinds until you find the best one that works best for what you need it to do.