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Stage Rental

Are you planning to host an event and still thinking about the kind of stage that will suit you? Renting a stage can be a god-send and very handy and the kind you choose will either break or make the event a success. When choosing stage rental you should take various aspects into consideration to ensure that everything goes well as planned. No matter if it’s an indoor or outdoor event, there is a stage that matches the occasion. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the type of stage service.

Stage Rental Services

Different companies will offer various services when offering you’re their stage rental service. You should choose a company that will make the entire event a success. For example, they should not only offer delivery but also set-up services. The best company is that which will be of support during the entire event to ensure that there are no hitches whatsoever.

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The Event Type

When planning to rent a stage, you should make sure to choose a company that has experience on the type of event. Events could range from trade shows, live performances, fashion runways and corporate events just but to mention. For stage rental, make sure to inquire from the company whether they can serve you perfectly!


Rainy condition can be very frustrating if happens that you never put it into consideration when choosing the type of stage. Make sure to choose a stage that will keep everything system no matter the type of weather. Events constitute expensive systems like the lighting and the audio/visual system. By renting a stage that cares for every available system, there will be no stress of damage. How about when the event is to happen on a sunny day? The stage needs to be dark so that the audience can view everything without hindrance.


Make sure that there is labor all throughout the event. As mentioned previously about choosing a company that offers set up services, onsite laborers should also be available all time long. Their main goal will be to ensure that the stage is set perfectly and everything works well. For example, they will be able to adjust the lighting system, choose the right sound among others. For example, wind speed could hinder the sound produced without your knowledge and this can distract the audience. Let expert do sound adjustment based on their expertise.

Material of Stage

Do you know that by choosing the wrong stage rental provider you will either irritate your performers or audience and even both? Sound illustration and lighting play a great role in any event and by choosing a professional company, you will be certain of getting the right materials. They have what it takes to supply you with all state-of-the-art materials needed to make an even a success. The company should give you a breakdown of all that they will provide you with. Consult your performers about what they might require to avoid last minute rush or cancellation of an event because of lack of a particular material.

By observing these ideas, setting your stage will be a simple task to achieve.

Helium Tank Rental

What better way to punctuate an event and make it more memorable than ever than with floating balloons? You can get these balloons from a party supplier or event company, or you can rent a helium tank and take on the task yourself. This is actually easier than you might think. Here are a few tips to help you along with the helium tank rental process…

The first decision to make is whether or not you need a tank permanently or temporarily. If your goal is to provide regular events where helium balloons will be featured, then a permanent refillable tank is probably the most economical choice over time. If your needs are only temporary, however, then many companies will rent filled tanks for short-term use. Some will even handle delivery and pickup.

Buying a tank of your own brings along with it several important considerations. First, you’ll need more than just a tank. Inflaters are necessary to channel the helium into your balloons. Safety stands or mounts help secure the tank such that it isn’t damaged or doesn’t present safety risks to those using it.

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Also, you’ll need periodic refills of helium. Just how often this is necessary depends on the size of your tank. Helium refills are purchased at specialized refilling stations and require that your tank be capable of safely accepting a refill.


One mechanism by which this is accomplished is through hydro testing. Required by law to be performed every five years, you must be able to prove that your tank is hydro tested before it can be refilled. This ensures that the tank metal can survive the high pressures imposed upon it by the stored helium.

You’ll also need to decide whether or not your helium balloon tank will be stationary or portable. Stationary tanks are more massive, requiring fewer refills between uses and are usually mounted more securely, so are less prone to accidental damage.

Small Portable Helium Tanks

Portable tanks are more comfortable to move. However, transporting helium requires that certain cautions be taken and that some laws be followed. In general, you must carry the invoice for your tank with you in the front glove compartment, clearly indicating its contents. There are also limits on how much helium can be legally transported in tanks.

Furthermore, care must be taken not to store helium balloon tanks under high heat or other dangerous conditions. As such, while portable tanks may seem more convenient, the excess stipulations are worth considering before determining whether or not a portable tank is right for you.

Storage is another consideration when purchasing a tank. In general, tanks should be stored in well-ventilated areas where the temperature will not exceed 120 degrees. Storage locations should be dry, out of the elements, and should provide features to secure the tank such that it won’t injure anyone or suffer damage.

Helium balloons are a great and creative addition to many events. Fortunately, filled tanks are easily rented, providing everything needed to use balloons in your event memorable. If you plan on using them regularly, however, and are up to the challenges associated with owning and maintaining your tank, then buying is also a great option, and many companies and resources are available to educate you on the process.

Tablecloth Rental

One of the most integral parts of a great ambiance and mood for a party or even is the tablecloths you use. Available in a variety of colors, fabrics and sizes, they add character and style to tables. You can have tablecloths in your home, office or venue as part of the daily adornments. They can also be added to increase the appeal of your furniture during events.

When searching for tablecloths, you can either buy a set or rent them from a supplier. If you want some tablecloths to have in your home or venue permanently, buying them is, of course, the best option. However, if you want tablecloths for a one-time event, renting them may be the way to go. Here is a bit more about renting tablecloths vs buying and how to go about it.

What Is Available For Tablecloth Rental?

There are companies which stock a variety of tablecloths for you to rent. They have hundreds of styles, fabrics, textures and colors available for you. To ensure your satisfaction as a customer, the rental prices are usually low. Moreover, you can rent multiple styles of tablecloths so as to create attractive tablescapes for your event. Not only do these suppliers have a wide range of tablecloths for you, they also provide consumer care assistants who can help you to pick, combine and organize your tablecloths. What do they have to offer? Read on and find out.

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Tablecloth Varieties Available For You

There is a wide variety of tablecloth styles and designs which you can pick from. Firstly, there is the table linen style. This is a cloth that covers the entire surface of your table and drapes over the sides almost to the floor.

Overlays are a type of medium-sized, cropped tablecloth that is draped over a larger one. Often contrasting in color, the overlay is added for dramatic effect and to increase the appeal of your setup.

Table runners are some slim tablecloths which are laid upon larger ones for decorative purposes. They have contrasting colors and divide the table into two sections. Modern tablecloth rental providers have all these types of fabrics on offer.

Conditions of Tablecloth Rental

When renting tablecloths, there are a number of conditions which are specified by the suppliers. Firstly, tablecloth rentals normally leave the warehouse as soon as orders are placed. Therefore, it is advisable to make an order around 20 days before your event. Also, online tablecloth rental companies normally require that you create a consumer’s account. This one helps you to place orders, pay for them and track your tablecloths easily. The accounts also help in keeping records of your interaction with the supplier.

How To Rent Tablecloths Online

The process of renting some tablecloths is easy and straightforward. It begins with finding some tablecloths that you desire. After that, you can add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout section. Here, you fill in the information about your event date, billing and shipping data too. After that, you can place your order. A confirmation email is sent to you containing the order number of your tablecloths.


Tablecloth Rental is an efficient way to get the decorative drapings which you need for your event. Once you have finished using them, you are required to post mark the order back through the mail system within 3 days of the conclusion of your event. After the rented tablecloths have made it back to the supplier, you will receive your security deposit promptly.

Bounce Houses and Inflatable Castles

A bounce house (or bounce castle) is a great party toy that all children absolutely love! Whether you rent or decide to buy one to keep around and use for all party occasions, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind before you hit the market. To help you make the right decision and choice for you, here is a brief guide going over some of the finer details you’ll want to look over.

Consider Space Available

The first thing you need to put in mind is the amount of space available. This will guide you in choosing the right size. By considering this factor, you avoid buying one that is either too big or too small for your space. It is advisable you take the dimensions of the available space, so that you will be able to shop for one that will fit this space in a perfect manner.

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Check the Capacity

You should consider the number of children that the bounce house can accommodate. As you do the shopping, you will realize that they are available in many sizes and shapes. As you consider the capacity, you also need to put in mind the weight limit. If it is intended to be used by many children, you obviously need a bigger one.

Consider the Quality

Just like when you are buying any other product, you have to consider the material used in making the bounce house. You should buy one made from high quality and heavy materials for more durability. To enhance safety, it is recommended you get fire proof and puncture free ones. When it comes to quality, you will also need to consider the flow air mechanism. You should consider buying the one that has a flow air mechanism that will make it remain erect at all times AND on the ground.


It is vital you consider the different themes. You will find different themes such as cars, sports, cartoon characters, princesses among others. Choose one with a theme that suits the preferences of the children. Look for a house with a theme that will not bore the children. Maybe ask the kids for their advice. 🙂

Check the Jumping Area

This is the major thing that every house will have. You should shop for a bounce house with a flat surface with the ability to accommodate as many children as possible. The area should also be high to enable the children to jump effectively. The ceiling of the house should also be high to ensure that the children to do not hit the ceiling when they jump.

Look for Accessories Provided

You need to buy a bounce house provided with some of the most important accessories. It should have a repair kit to help in case it gets damaged. The house should also have other accessories including anchors, stakes and air blower.


Make sure that you get one with a warranty for more than one year. The accessories should have their own warranty too. This will ensure that in case they malfunction you get them repaired or replaced at no cost.

Party Rentals

It might be extremely difficult for you to organize a party event on your own. In fact, it takes a lot of planning and preparation beforehand, and this makes it very difficult to organize an event successfully. Suppose you are arranging a birthday party or maybe a business party, and in that case, you need to find out the proper venue for the event and book orders for lighting, food, and so on. In such conditions, you must use the services of party rentals since they make it easy to arrange all these tasks for your special event without causing you a headache.

Party rentals will allow people to organize amazing events of almost any type sensibly and efficiently. If you would like to make your event a successful one, then you must take the help of a rental company. It is possible to search for such companies online from the comfort of your own residence.

In most cases, you are not aware of the requirements for any particular event which you are going to organize, and in that case, party rentals will aid you in a great way. Whether it is a marriage ceremony, a party for the children, or a corporate event, the rental company will prove to be invaluable to you.

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The company will allow you to rent almost anything from chairs, tents, and tables to marriage accessories, an inflatable, carnival games, and so on. In a nutshell, you will gain access to almost anything that will be required to arrange a fabulous event. If you already have a good idea about the theme of the event, the party rentals will help you to plan the entire function on your behalf.

For example, if you are preparing yourself for a backyard kids party, the rental company can supply you soft drinks, popcorn machine, tea, as well as snacks. If you are organizing a marriage party, then the rentals will offer you chairs, tables, dinnerware, candelabra, and so forth.

It is imperative to consider the following items when you are going to rent tents from a party rental.

  1. Always use the services of a trustworthy rental company.
  2. Verify whether the tent is in top condition or not.
  3. Employ a party rental that will be able to supply you tables and chairs.

The Importance of Considering a Rental Company:

A rental company will help to make the planning process extremely convenient and easy for you. Apart from delivering you the required items for the occasion, they will likewise remove them from the spot after the event.
It is possible to book equipment beforehand with these professional party rentals be paying a nominal sum of money in advance. On some occasions, you will need to contact the rental company at least two months before the event.

However, make it a point that you do adequate research about the event company before employing them. Ensure that you are aware of its renting contracts as well as other conditions before making any contract with them. Always remember to add the delivery date and event arranging fees in the rental agreement which will help you to avoid any type of miscommunication while making full payments once the event is successfully completed.

Linen Rental Options

Linen rentals are perfect for any party or event. If you’ve never rented or bought linens before, it can seem a daunting task without knowing what shop for first. Here is a brief guide to help you choose the right linens for your next event.

How Many Do You Need?

One of the most important things you need to put into consideration is the number of the linens that you require. This will be highly determined by the kind of event you are holding and the number of guests expected to attend. You should also factor in the number of tables that you need to be covered.

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Table Sizes

Now that you understand the number of linens that you need, it is now time to consider the size of the tables you want to cover. Tables are usually available in different sizes and shapes. You need to be specific on the dimensions of the tables, so that you get linens that will fit them in perfectly.


Just like when you are selecting any other kind of fabric, color is a key factor you have to put in mind when choosing the right linen rentals. There are wide range of color options you find in the market, so you have to be careful not to be confused in the process. If you are not sure on the best colors that will suit your specific event, you can ask for an expert to guide you in the process.

Size and Style of Linens

Just as you consider the size of the tables that you want to cover with the linens, you also need to factor in the size of the linens themselves. They are usually available in wide range of sizes and shapes. You should also consider whether you need floor or lap length table cloths. The lap length usually looks more casual while the floor length ones are more attractive. Once you decide on the type that will work perfectly for you, now you can be able to select the right size to get.


This is another factor that is crucial to put in mind as you look for linen rentals. It is good to go for the ones provided at the most affordable price according to the budget you have. It is advisable you be prepared with a good budget, so that you do not end up with the cheapest ones that might not be of highest standards. On the other hand, you do not have to go for the most expensive ones, because this might not be a guarantee they are the best.


You should look for linen rentals with the best accessories. These accessories are necessary because they add to the elegant look of the linens. Some of the accessories might include napkins, runners among others. You need to put in mind that the more accessories you have the more costly the linens will be, so be prepared for the extra cost.

Wedding Rentals

A wedding should be a special day and a special event for everyone involved. Many people hire on professional wedding planners to make their wedding more organized, enjoyable, and of course, memorable. No one wants a dull and boring wedding!

There is no doubt that a skilled and experienced wedding planner can help, but it doesn’t come without a price. If you have just a slight amount of creativity and don’t plan on going all out for your wedding ceremony and reception, it may be worth your time (and budget) to take on this challenge yourself with the help of wedding rentals, available everywhere! Here are a few tips to help you create a perfect ambiance and a most memorable wedding.

8 Wedding Rental Tips

1. If you are renting glassware, make sure you check all the glasses when they are delivered as there might be cracked, chipped or even dirty glasses that you are paying for. Never sign anything until you have checked the order first. Remember to count all the items as well.

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2. The same thing goes for renting plates. Before you sign the order first check the quantity and the state of the plates. If there are any chipped, broken or dirty plates, make a note of them and have them credit you for those items.

3. Develop a good relationship with your caterer. This cost-saving tips on wedding rentals are so simple yet so effective. Find out if your caterer is renting items and if so from which rental agency. Once that is done, make sure that you state that you would like your rental items to be delivered and returned at the same time as your caterers. This saves a lot of money as the rental items are both going to the same location and therefore only one delivery charge.

4. If you are going to rent real champagne glassware for the toasts, then rather opt for “flat” champagne glasses than fluted ones as they usually cost less and tend to not break as easily. This should minimize your replacement costs.

5. When renting plates, try to have them rinsed before sending them back to the rental company as they tend to charge you extra for cleaning dried food off the plates.

6. This cost-saving tips on wedding rentals is not mentioned upfront. Most rental companies charge extra if the items are returned late. Make sure that you have a very responsible person in charge of returning all rentals on time.

7. If you are renting linen, place something under the candles, so that they do not drip onto the linen as you will pay for damages. Same thing with smoking and burn marks. Paying replacement costs are very expensive.

8. If your wedding is in a more casual setting, consider renting plastic heavyweight glasses and plates. You can find these that have the feel of etched glass but at a much lower price than real glassware. Disposable plates and glasses can also work – you’ll be surprised how great they can look, you just need to know where to look.

Every human being wants his wedding to be an overwhelming experience. Look for wedding rentals which have a strong reputation. In addition to that, you should be prepared to spend some extra money, and the make this day more memorable.

Dance Floor

Are you planning on organizing an important event such as a wedding or a high end corporate event? Although you might have various dance floor rentals alternatives, they might not have the capability to meet your needs. Some might stretch your budget so much that planning your big event becomes very expensive. So what should you do? Thorough planning and prior review of different venues will enable you make an informed selection. Besides, there are other factors worth considering. They are as follows:


Cost is dependent on numerous parameters. Carefully understand the overall estimated cost of facilitating your event at a particular dance floor venue. Make inquiries from the person responsible for every dance floor venue that you visit. Compare and contrast various venues as you try to narrow down your options. Before you finally decide the venue to use, be certain that the venue is suitable for your occasion. For example lighting and audiovisual can cause the cost to scale up. Find out if the venue requires customization of designs and technical renovations. Newer or recently upgraded dance floor rentals are better than older ones. They have better technical capability. If you outsource lighting/AV specialists it will increase the cost of a dance floor venue.

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How well does the venue suit the event you have in mind? Does it complement your personal style? Does the venue resonate well with the occasion in question? The interior décor and architecture in place must go hand in hand with your event. Go for a venue that does not necessitate a lot of customization to avoid added costs. If it is a formal occasion, ensure the venue conveys that mood and vice versa.


Customization can create extra costs if not well handled. Nonetheless, a bit of customization can add gist to your special event. In other words, your aim is to have a specialty dance floor. Look for a LED lighted dance floor rental to accentuate the mood of your event. If possible, request for incorporation of a custom design to help achieve aesthetics or emphasize the theme of your event or advertise your corporate brand.


A big dance floor does not mean that it is the appropriate size for your event. Neither does checking its capacity size. You must factor in other issues. Will the essential equipment be comfortably accommodated near the dance floor? In essence, ensure the available space is in line with your personal preference and the main purpose of the event.


In this context, convenience entails a suitable location for a dance floor rental. Do not downplay logistics when looking for the right venue. A certain venue might be perfect but inaccessible. If your guests face difficulties accessing the venue, it can ruin their enthusiasm with respect to the event. A location that is easily accessible will be a plus for your event. Your guests will take note of the admirable décor, food/drinks and the location of your event as well.

To wrap up, dance floor rentals have become a widespread trend especially in special events such as weddings and corporate dinners. Their attractiveness is largely credited to the great impression they convey during such events.

Table and Chair Rental Options

Table and chair rental is an essential part of the entertainment industry and party planning. School reunions, family reunions, conferences, meetings, weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers all need seating for guests. Planners and event organizers have to secure an adequate number of chairs and tables to satisfy the total number of guests who will attend at the function. Because buying chairs and tables is a bit costly, event organizers and planners resort to rental facilities.


Renting chairs and tables might seem like a very simple process but that is not exactly the case. There are numerous table and chair rental options available from different companies. However, table and chair rental options are a function of the type of event, the number of people in attendance, contents of the menu etc.

The following are insightful tips to help with table and chair rental process especially for those going through it for the very first time:

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Venue Restrictions

It is important to know the restrictions that your venue has with regard to delivery and pickup. There are places that have a lot of storage space thus allowing rental companies to drop off chairs and tables prior to the day of the event and pickup a day after. However, there are places with very strict guidelines as well as no storage space and this can make you incur extra costs. Eliminating the possibility of any extra costs is useful in such tough economic times.

Labor Source And Cost

is essential to know if the crew at the venue of the event will take- down chairs and tables and set them up. If it is not included then you can organize with the rental company for both set-up as well as take-down services but this is at an additional fee.

Drop-Off Location

It is good to find out if the rental company delivers the tables and chairs to back door or loading dock and if the personnel of the facility take it from there. Drop-off information is very important to the rental company because it helps them to save labor and time.


It is recommended that somebody is designated on-site to be responsible for the rentals. This can be a co-worker, friend, caterer or event planner. The person responsible should count the items on arrival and during the pickup. This helps in avoiding a situation whereby a chair or table is lost thus requiring you to pay a replacement charge.

Visit A Showroom

The best thing to do is to visit a showroom when selecting the tables and chairs that you want. This gives you an opportunity to sit on the chairs and tables to gauge their level of comfort. Usually, these showrooms have items of various sizes and shapes so that clients can have a first-hand feel of what is ideal for their event.


The above insightful information is a clear indication that there numerous table and chair rental options available for consumers. However, there are several factors that need to be carefully considered during the rental process to save on cost. This can help you to secure the best place at a good cost.