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River Rock

River rock has many uses for home owners. One of the most beneficial uses of river rock, if used correctly, is that it can increase the value of your home! Well placed river rock can truly beautify your landscape offering more curb appeal. The only issue is finding affordable river rock can be somewhat difficult depending on your location. Luckily, Amazon and other online retailers now offer it for sale and you can have pounds of river rock delivered straight to your door in as little as a few days!

What to Look For in Quality River Rock

First, understand that river rock is well known for its very smooth and polished texture. Most of these rocks are round, but you want a good variety of sizes for landscaping purposes. You’ll typically find rocks ranging from well under an inch to over 5 inches in circumference.

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One neat thing about river rocks is that you really can use them anywhere on your property. The neutral colors of the rocks will work around any property, no matter the color of the home or office.

Here are a few more tips on how you can use river rock.


Walkways – The perfect choice for paths and/or walkways. Because they are so smooth, you can lay them out and walk on them comfortably. You can also use them on a driveway as an alternative to cement.

Playgrounds – If you have a play area for the children, river rock is a perfect foundation to lay around swingsets, sandboxes, etc. Again, because they are so smooth it will not hurt their feet and they can even be great shock absorbers if you lay down a few layers of river rock.

Gardening – River rock is well known amongst the gardening community. The rocks allow great drainage and looks stunning! You can use them for edging around the whole garden, or place them around plants to add a touch of highlighting. They also don’t attract bugs and last a long, long time.

Highlighting Water – Have a fountain, pool or pond? River rock is the perfect addition to enhance your water areas. You can also lay out river rock to create a nice foundation to act as a river bed and guide your water.

Preventing Erosion – Many lawns transform quickly due to mother nature. Laying out river rock can prevent erosion due to heavy rains and weather. This is especially useful for sloped landscapes.


How much you pay for river rock will ultimately depend on what you are using it for, how much you’ll need, and the size of the rocks you want. Obviously, the smaller the quantity and smaller size of rocks will be cheaper, but you can save some money by buying in bulk.

For smaller projects, you can save quite a bit of money by ordering online. Amazon sells 2 pounds of river rock for under $10.

Where to Buy River Rock

If you are looking for larger quantities of river rock, you can find bags (usually 20 pounds or more) for sale at suppliers like Menards, Home Depot and anywhere that sells landscaping and/or plants. You’ll have more luck finding options in larger metropolitan areas that may even have stores dedicated to selling all kinds of rocks and gravel. Or you can always buy online.


Succulents are quickly becoming one of America’s most popular indoor plants. One of the reasons they are so popular is because of the very wide variety of different shapes and sizes one can buy. It also helps that they don’t require too much when it comes to taking care of them.

Succulents however are sometimes hard to find locally, especially if you aren’t living in a decent sized city. Luckily, Amazon and other large online retailers offer plenty of Succulent goodness that you can buy and have delivered straight to your home or office.

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 What Exactly is a Succulent?

Succulents are a particular type of plant that have very fleshy leaves that contain sap. These leaves fill up with sap so they can carry as much moisture as possible, which is necessary for very dry and arid climates, like deserts, where you might find them naturally.

Some examples of Succulents include cacti, aloe and even a few orchids. These beautiful plants require very little water and pruning to maintain. Some Succulents don’t even require that much light!

The name Succulent is given because their leaves are, in fact, very succulent. They are thick and juicy and filled with sap.

Best Places to Buy Succulents

Now that these plants have become so popular recently, you can find them just about anywhere that sells plants. Obviously you can find them in gardening stores, but now you can even find them in some grocery stores.

The drawback of buying locally, however, is that your Succulent options are typically limited. And now with places like Amazon, you really have a diverse set of options to add to your Succulent collection.

Taking Care of Succulents

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons why Succulents have become so popular over the past few years is because of how easy they are to take care of. They grow slow, don’t require a lot of water, and don’t usually need any trimming or pruning.

One mistake people make when caring for their Succulents is that they tend to over-water them too much. I think it is pretty common to WANT to water plants each and every day as much as possible, like most people do with their normal plants. This is not a good recipe for Succulents. All you really need to do is feel the soil and make sure it is at least damp and doesn’t get too dry.

Pricing Succulents

As a general rule of thumb, Succulents aren’t expensive and you can find most of them relatively cheap, to be quite frank. There are however always exceptions depending on the rarity of Succulent you are looking at buying. The really cool thing about Succulents is the sheer volume of different varieties that you can buy. You can find some really odd looking ones with very distinct colors and leaves if you shop around enough.

Before you buy, make sure you know what you are getting first. If they are seeds, make sure the seller is reputable and always look at the fully grown versions to see what you are getting. If you are buying them grown, make sure there are no brown spots anywhere on the plant. Brown or yellow colored leaves typically mean that the plant is sick and/or dying.

Always keep in mind that Succulents take a long time to grow. Appreciate this aspect of them and plan to keep them around a long time. Just be patient with their growing and you will certainly be satisfied once they reach a mature age.


When it comes to trampolines, you have a few options you’ll want to consider before you buy. The best trampolines will endure through years of use and wear, so don’t get caught up buying a cheap trampoline. Think of it more as a long-term investment versus something that is only going to get a few seasons worth of use. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect trampoline for your home and family.

First, let it be known that buying local may not land you with all of the best options on the market today. And that’s okay. I think most of you are familiar with this thing called the internet, yeah? I’m assuming, yes, since you are here reading this article right now. With that being said, and assuming again that you aren’t in a place where there are a ton of trampoline options in your local town or city, Amazon should be your go-to shopping destination.

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Trampoline Frames

Most trampolines are made with steel frames. They have to in order to deal with all of the use. The steel frames will be perfect for indoors or outdoors. Even though most trampolines have steel frames, not all have the same thickness of steel. You’ll see options ranging typically from 14-16 gauge. If you are planning on using yours outside, find one that is galvanized or powder-coated to protect the steel from the weather and to make sure it won’t rust out. Rusting trampolines tend to break much sooner.

Padding on the Edges

Again, all (or most) trampolines will have some sort of protective padding layer on the outside edges of the trampoline. These are usually soft, padded foam covers with a UV shield to make sure that the padding won’t lose its effectiveness after sitting in the sun for years on end.

Make sure that the padding on your trampoline covers all of the frame and springs and that there are no gaps that someone could accidentally fall through and hurt themselves.


This is an option that not all trampolines will have. The bigger the model, the more likely, and more important an enclosure will be. The reason you might want to have an enclosure is to protect jumpers from falling outside of the jump area and hurting themselves. This is more common with bigger trampolines where multiple people are using the trampoline at the same time.

Size of Jumping Surface

The jumping surface is ultimately how big you want your trampoline to be. And there really are all kinds of size options here; from super small to super large. When you see the sizing of the trampoline, they are usually measuring the diameter from outside the rim.

Other Safety Features to Consider

Before you buy your trampoline, you’ll of course want to make sure it is as safe as possible for you, your friends, and your family. Here are a few safety features to consider…

The enclosure – If you choose to have an enclosure, make sure it is durable enough to redirect the bouncer back on to the mat. You don’t want a weak enclosure that will only tear or rip leaving the bouncer falling outside of the trampoline.

Padding – This may be the most important aspect of safety for the trampoline. Make sure the padding is thick and covers all of the springs with no gaps. Padding should also be secure and not move around easily when someone is using the trampoline.

Springs – As a general rule of thumb, long springs mean smooth jumping and short springs are more ridged and more likely to break.

Types of Trampolines

There are quite a few options when it comes to these bouncy toys. Some people buy them for fun and recreation, and others buy them more for fitness and training. Here are a few different varieties you’ll find on Amazon…

Trampolines for Kids

Look for age usage in the description to see what ages they are made for. Usually, the smaller the trampoline, the safer they are for smaller kids. And you can typically find kids trampolines starting at 4-8 feet, 9-13 feet, and 14 feet and up.

Trampolines for Fitness

These are the smallest trampolines on the market and are perfect for the home. Generally ranging from 35-44 inches, these trampolines can help you improve several areas of health, including balance, cardio endurance, motor skills, strength training and more!


That’s about all that needs to be said about trampolines and I hope this article will be of some use to you in your quest to find that perfect trampoline for your home!

Adirondack Chairs

Looking for Adirondack chairs? These beautiful wooden pieces of outdoor furniture are only growing in popularity and are becoming more available throughout the US today. However, and if you’re not located on the east coast, finding these chairs locally may be a bit difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of places online you can find quality, durable and beautiful looking Adirondack chairs at a decent price. Here are a few tips to help you pin down the perfect Adirondack chair, or set of chairs, for your home and/or patio.

Simplicity = Beauty

One thing most people love about the Adirondack chair is its simplicity. Its basic slats of wood form both the back rest and chair, and rests very near to the ground. You often find these chairs resting on patios overlooking yards, on beaches overlooking the ocean, or even on docks overlooking lakes and ponds. No matter where you want yours to rest, one thing is for sure, they not only are great to help you enjoy the beauty around you, but they also add to that beauty.

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The simplicity of the Adirondack chair also makes it easy to shop for. While there are plenty of different colors and different ways that they look or feel, the basic design remains the same. The main thing you want to pay attention to is the quality of the woodworking that went into creating the chair. Always, always, always read through the reviews of the chairs before you buy. Public perception and feedback will speak volume.

The Name Adirondack

Although these chairs are gaining in popularity, many people are still unfamiliar with the name or where it comes from. The name originates from the Adirondack Mountain range in upstate New York. And so the chair takes on and symbolizes this sort of majestic, cathartic feeling that comes with enjoying the fresh air and scenery of this beautiful mountain range.

But the chair didn’t necessarily originate in New York and is only called different names depending on where it’s selling. As an example, in Canada, it’s known as the Muskoka chair or Laurentian chair. But here in the states, the chair will always be known as the Adirondack which originated in Westport, NY.

Buying Options

As mentioned above, all Adirondack chairs are basic and made from planks of wood formed to make a chair. However, you will find different styles created by different makers.

  • Some chairs will have a single plank of wood that makes the back rest, while others have several, smaller planks of wood formed to make the back rest.
  • Some chairs have short leg rests that allow you to touch your feet on the ground, while others look more like sun tanning, lounge chairs and allow you to lay down and bask in the sun.
  • Some chairs are thin and narrow while others are very thick and wide.
  • Some chairs come in sets of 2, 3 or 4 and even come together with matching end tables.

You will also find Adirondack chairs made from different kinds of wood, other than the standard Hemlock or Basswood. You may even want to save some money and buy Adirondack styles made out of plastic!


Be prepared to spend some good money to get a quality Adirondack chair. And if you are looking for a set of matching chairs, you’ll have to spend a lot more.

On Amazon you’ll find a wide range of pricing on these chairs. Generally they run around $60-$150 for a single chair, but you can spend more than $1k for specialty bar swivel chairs. Sets of chairs run from about $100 to over $600 for the better built versions.

Chinese Paper Lanterns

Looking for Chinese Paper Lanterns for your next party or just to decorate? These beautiful and simple ornaments can be used for all kinds of things and are relatively cheap, depending on how many you are looking for and the quality you are willing to pay for. And these Chinese Lanterns aren’t always available locally. Luckily we have the internet and there are plenty of vendors online selling these in a variety of designs. Read through this guide first before you buy!

Chinese lanterns have been around for a very long time. The original use of the lanterns was, of course, as a light source; indoors and out. The paper around the lantern provided a perfect blockage of wind to ensure they would burn bright for as long as needed. Today, these paper lanterns provide a perfect décor for weddings and other parties, or even just to create a great ambiance at home or place of business. Restaurants use them extensively today.

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Types of Chinese Paper Lanterns

There are 3 basic types of lanterns you’ll be able to choose from and that are still in use in China today: Hanging Lanterns, Flying Lanterns and Floating Lanterns.

Hanging Lanterns:

These are probably the most common of the lanterns that you will find online or locally. You will also seem them around in a lot of places, if you keep an open eye. They are especially popular during the Chinese New Year and used to scare away monsters and bring good luck.

Flying Lanterns:

This is typically celebrated in China, but if you see floating balls of light in the sky during 4th of July celebrations, it’s most likely flying lanterns. These lanterns work by igniting a small flame within the lantern that propels it into the air. They are especially beautiful when a large number of them are released at the same time during celebrations such as the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

Floating Lanterns:

These lanterns are once again popular in China during celebrations such as the Dragon Boat Festival, but instead of sending them upwards in the air, these lanterns actually float down rivers and streams. These lanterns are typically designed differently and come in all kinds of shapes and figures.

Options Online and in the US

Now that you know what kind of lanterns there are, you can now be better prepared for what you will find when you do your shopping.

It’s most likely that you are looking for hanging lanterns that can beautify your home, indoors or outdoors. Again, you will find many color options and sizes ranging from tiny to gigantic. Some stores will give you package options where you can find a range of lanterns that come packed together for one price. Or you may be able to buy bulk and save money too. Others will sell them individually, depending on your need.

The nice thing about shopping online is that you can find 100% authentic Chinese paper lanterns that actually ship from China to anywhere in the US. Sure it may take a bit longer to receive them coming from China, but they will generally be cheaper than buying locally and of course they will be the real deal.

Don’t forget to check out popular online stores like Amazon and eBay. There’s always large selections available there and shorter shipping times if you need them for a party or something like that.

Area Rugs

So you’re in need of a good area rug and are looking for local retailers who might have a good selection to choose from. If you live in a big city with a lot of shopping options, you may be in luck. Smaller communities, towns and small cities often don’t have a lot to choose from unfortunately. The good news though, is that it is the 21st century and you are only just a few clicks away from any and all area rugs that you can imagine.

When trying to find the perfect area rug for your home, the internet should be your go to. Why? Well convenience for one. But even more than that, you’ll find great prices and a plethora of options I guarantee you won’t find at any store anywhere near you.

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Before you go off in the great world wide web of shopping, read through this brief guide to help you locate the right area rug for you.

Don’t Go Too Small

The first rule of area rug shopping (if there are rules), is don’t skimp on size. This is a big no no. Your area rug will either make or break the look of your room and a small rug can make your room look…well, small. Whether in your living room, hallway or bedroom, you want your area rug to set the boundaries.

Your largest pieces of furniture should be able to easily rest on this rug and then allow for stepping room. This means if it’s going in your living room, it should take up the entire conversation area. If it’s going in your bedroom, you should be able to get out of bed and place your feet on the area rug before you stand up and walk away.

Save Money by Layering Your Rugs

Generally speaking, the larger rug you need, the more money it’s going to cost you. There are sneaky ways around this. Try buying a cheaper and not so quality large rug and place a smaller, more expensive and better looking area rug on top. Or buy smaller area rugs and place them side by side, leaving gaps in-between if you can make that work.

Consider Colors Wisely

Have kids? Don’t buy white. Enough said.

Design Your Room Around Your Area Rug

If you are decorating a new room or re-decorating a room, design it around your area rug. Choose the area rug first, then coordinate the colors of the room around the colors of the area rug. The rug should be the center piece of the room and it’s a lot easier to paint the walls and match art work and décor around the area rug you choose, rather than trying to place an area rug in a room that has already been decorated.

Shop Around for Price

There are a lot of great places to find great prices on all different kinds of area rugs. We recommend eBay, Amazon and even Etsy, but there are also some unknown gems like Gnarly Ninja that often carry some very unique and affordable rugs as well.

Dream Catchers – A Guide to Good Dreams

So you’re looking for a Dream Catcher. Some might consider Dream Catchers solely for the art and beauty aspect, but the Native Americans will tell you these should be used as tools to help us “catch” the good dreams and get rid of the bad nightmares. The good dreams get caught in the catcher and the bad pass through. But are the best Dream Catchers available locally?

Not all Dream Catchers are made equally. In fact, some are just made for commercial purposes and have no real dream catching abilities at all. So how do you tell what’s good and what’s bad?

While you may be looking for dream catchers to buy near you, sadly for many, this is not an option at all. And even if you do have Dream Catchers available at your local retail outlets, you options may be limited and you might not get one that fits best for you personally.

And that’s why we always suggest buying from an online retailer that has hand selected some of the most well-known Dream Catchers that are loved world-wide and proven to work. Sites like Gnarly Ninja and their small but perfect selection of Dream Catchers offer a variety that are affordable and beautiful just the same. We highly recommend them to start.

When you are looking for a Dream Catcher for you, you’ll want something that catches your eye right away. You may even want something that captures your personality in color and design.

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Color and Design

Of course there are a plethora of different Dream Catcher options when you are searching online. You’ll find some white as a ghost and others that are as colorful as the rainbow, literally. But color isn’t all you should focus on. Their design and the way they look should strike a chord with you as well.

Some designs have one circle catcher, while others have three, four or five. They can get pretty exotic and also come in different sizes. A small one with one dream catcher circle isn’t any less reliable or less likely to work than a large one with five dream catcher circles. The one you choose should be one that represents who you are and your own personality.

It’s said that smaller Dream Catchers won’t interfere with your dreams as much as large ones. I wouldn’t put too much stock into this hearsay and focus more on finding one that YOU think looks good, regardless of size.

Aside from colors, size and number of catchers, you’ll also find other accessories like beads, feathers and charms. These accessories aren’t needed to help your dreams, but if they help you see your Dream Catcher in a more positive light, then go for it.

The most important thing is to make sure that you feel like you love the way your Dream Catcher looks and feels. Don’t focus on whether or not it matches the colors of your wall or décor or what your friends or family think. It’s your Dream Catcher and you want it to be effective and work for you to help you have better dreams, so find one that you like.

Using Your New Dream Catcher

Since most people don’t have access to a Native American Shaman, here’s what we advise:

Light up your favorite incense and pass your new Dream Catcher through the smoke and say something to the effect of, “I bless this in the name of Gaia.” Gaia meaning Earth, and you are just blessing your Dream Catcher.

Next, place your Dream Catcher in a white, cotton bag and take it somewhere where you are surrounded by nature and away from the city life. Let it soak in and absorb all of the positive wonders and energy of nature.

When you get back home, hang the Dream Catcher above your bed somewhere where it can hang and move freely without obstruction.

That’s it! It should start working immediately. I always make sure to say my thanks to mother Earth for being alive and all of the opportunities life presents me before and after bed.

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables can make any outdoor space into a gathering or dining area. Adults and children alike will love to spend quality time with friends and family out in the open, sitting on these tables, chit-chatting, enjoying the weather and devouring delicious food. Since these outdoor tables have such an important role to play, you must select them for your space very carefully, and to help you find the right one given below are some points that you must consider.


Picnic tables come in varying ranges and can be as low as $200 and go more than $2000. Thus, before you go out searching for one, you need to decide your budget. Furthermore, as the size, style, and materials can affect the price, once you have your budget, your choices will narrow down, and then finding the right one will be easier.


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As you will be using the outdoor tables either for your yards, patios, or decks, the amount of available space plays an important role. You can either opt for a ready-made picnic table, or if you do not find one that meets your requirements perfectly then you can even have one custom made. Traditional tables are usually made to sit eight people, and though their height will never be an issue, you must consider their width and length if you have a space problem. What you should ideally do is take a measurement of your outdoor space and then subtract a few feet from every side, and then decide what size table will fit in the area best.


You can get picnic tables in many different styles, including A-frame, round, octagonal and also kid-sized tables. While deciding the style also consider if you will need moving benches or prefer those that come attached to the tables.


The most common options that you have as far as the material of the outdoor tables is concerned are metal, plastic, concrete, and wood.

Metal – metal tables are becoming more and more popular because of them having no maintenance problem and as they are highly durable. Such tables can withstand any elements, and you just need to clean them occasionally.

Plastic – plastic tables need to be cleaned regularly, and other than that no maintenance is needed. They are even very light and thus you can easily move them when needed. Furthermore, since the materials used to construct plastic tables are pretty cheap, these tables will prove to be an ideal choice for those on a tight budget.

Concrete – stone or concrete tables last really long but they are heavier compared to the other types of outdoor tables. Also, as far as the colors are concerned, you have limited choices as marble and concrete are light in color.

Wood – wooden tables are crafted out of various types including walnut, cedar, bamboo, birch, maples, pinewood, and teak, and so on. They are finished with a sealant or stain to make sure they resist or repel water. Even if wooden tables are sealed they usually need regular maintenance like re-staining, re-sealing, or even repainting.

So, now that you know what exactly to consider while searching for an ideal picnic table, finding the right one will be pretty easy. Just make sure you select one carefully as it is going to be quite an investment, and you certainly would want it to last you really long.

Party Tents

There are quite a number of important factors one has to consider when buying a party tent besides the obvious considerations like price, color and the quality of the material. A good party tent sets the mood of the party and some occasions like friend’s reunion party or small birthday party cannot share the same tent as a big formal business party or a wedding. While the purpose of a the tent is to protect the guests from the harsh environmental elements like sunlight, rain or cold, there is not a single universal tent design that can perfectly cater for all party sizes and weather conditions. In this guide, we are going to explore the various factors to consider when buying  or renting the perfect party tent.

Size Of The Tent

The very first thing to consider is the size of the tent you require. Size is directly related to the number of people expected at the party and the space available to erect the tent. It is, however, not as straight forward as it seems to be. You still need to plan for extra space to accommodate isles, dance floors, tables and other furniture. An auditorium style seating arrangement should allow about 5 square feet per person. Parties where meals are served on tables such as weddings or dinner parties should allow 12 square feet per person if round tables are used and 10 square feet per person for rectangular tables. Space occupied by caterers, buffet tables and bars has to be considered as well.

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The Type of Tent Construction

Depending on the size of your party and the weather conditions, there are several tent types to choose from.

  • Pop-up Party Tent: These are cheap and easy to set up. Due to their small size and relatively weak construction, they cannot be set up permanently and can only be used in small events like garden parties and camping.
  • Pole Tent: These are supported by poles that are firmly dug into the ground around the perimeter and a few longer poles placed at the center. Tension ropes are used to hold the tent material firmly in place. They are light and easy to set up, but require a large space. Due to the strong construction, they can withstand strong winds. Large tents can be set up this way.
  • Tension Tent: These tents are similar to pole tents apart from the center poles, which are much longer than those used in pole party tents. The longer center poles result in dramatic high peaks which improve drainage and wind resistance; hence, the tent can stay erect for an extended period of time. The elegant construction makes them suitable for formal parties and weddings.
  • Frame Tent: In this design, tubular metal frame is used for support without the center frame. These tents are much more flexible and occupy a relatively small space, but are much heavier and more expensive. The setup cannot withstand strong winds either. They are suitable for small parties and an environment where the wind is calm.

Other factors to consider are the inclusion of tent walls, which provide privacy and protect the occupants from cold, wind and rain. In areas with extremely cold temperatures or wet ground, it is important to consider tent flooring.