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Essential Oils

Essential oils refer to compounds obtained from plants through methods like cold pressing and steam distillation. These extraction processes facilitate the extraction of aromatic chemicals in a highly concentrated form. The chemicals perfectly capture the flavor and scent (the essence) of plants. Unique aromatic constituents give the various brands their distinctive characteristic. After the aromatic chemicals have been extracted from plants, the carrier oil is added to form a product that is ready for use.

How Essential Oils Work

Commonly used in aromatherapy, the oils are either inhaled through the mouth or nose or applied to the skin.

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Inhalation; when you inhale the oils, tiny nerves send instant signals to your brain and will start working immediately on the system that that moderate your mind and body. This method of delivery is the most effective because chemical messengers in our nasal cavity have a direct access to the brain. Inhaling the aromas of the oils stimulate sections of your limbic system, the part of your brain associated with the sense of smell, emotions and long-term memory.

Topical application; when you apply the oils to your skin their incredibly healing components are absorbed right to your bloodstream through hair follicles and pores on your skin. Your blood then disperses their nurturing components to the systems and organs where they are required. Apply the oils to pulse points (areas where the blood vessels are closest to the skin) for even quicker absorption.

Why Do They Work So Fast?

Essential oils are basically soluble lipids. They are therefore capable of penetrating through cell walls on your skin and nasal cavities. The oils can, therefore, start working within no time (as short as 20 minutes time).


Eucalyptus; this essential oil can ease your airways when you have a cold or flu. Often combined with peppermint, the oil is both safe and effective.

Tea tree; this oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. It is, therefore, commonly used in skin care products and shampoos to treat bites and acne. It is available in mouth rinses but swallowing is strongly discouraged.

Lavender; commonly used as a disinfected for minor burns and cuts, this essential oil improves relaxation and sleep. It also relieves headaches as well as migraine symptoms.


Balance Hormones

Some essential oils like clary sage, thyme, and geranium help balance out your body’s progesterone and estrogen levels which, in turn, improves conditions such as PCOS and infertility. Hormonal balance has also been found to eradicate symptoms if menopause and PMS. The oils are, therefore, helpful for women who are struggling with menopause signs due to declining estrogen levels.

Boost Immunity

Many essential oils possess antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and hence fight infections and enhance your immune system. The aromatic constituents like esters, terpenes, ketones, phenols, and others have the potency to fight pathogens that pose serious health threats. The oils capable of effectively boosting immunity include myrrh, cinnamon, and oregano.

Improve Brain Function

Since they have neuroprotective effects the oils greatly improve cognitive performance. Essential oils have strong antioxidants that effectively prevent free radicals from scavenging and hence naturally reduce inflammation and boost brain function. They are also effective in improving learning, ability to concentrate and memory.


Essential oils are very popular for the right reasons. They have wide-ranging benefits on your body including improving digestion, boosting energy levels, improving your brain function and helping your body fight infections. The oils are also used in various other files like cosmetology and household cleaning.

Mace or Pepper Spray?

The world isn’t a safe place, in general. It’s dangerous out there and you never want to be caught off-guard with no protection. Pepper spray is a non-lethal, yet effective way to deter unwanted aggressors.

Depending on where you live, finding quality and affordable pepper spray near you may not be as easy as you think, because it’s not made available everywhere yet. And to add to that, some states have restrictions on the volume, types, and strength of pepper spray you can buy.

Luckily, with the great power of the internet, shopping for the best options in pepper spray are literally just a few clicks away, and can be mailed directly to your front door.

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What’s the Difference Between Pepper Spray & Mace?

There is a lot of confusion on this and this is a question that comes up a lot because Mace has become synonymous with pepper spray. Kind of like Kleenex is synonymous with tissue paper, Jacuzzi with hot tubs, Crock-Pot with slow cookers and Chapstick with lip moisturizers.


With all of that being said, original Mace brand and pepper spray are actually two different defense products made from completely different active ingredients.

Mace is classified as an irritant and is more like tear gas than it is pepper spray. Mace does not cause temporary blindness, burning sensations or nausea like pepper spray does. And it may not work effectively on someone who is drunk or high on drugs.

Original Mace as we once knew it is not legal or made available in all states anymore. The Mace brand you know today is actually a product made from pepper spray, which is legal to sell and ship to most states. As mentioned previously, some states do have regulations. They are as follows:

New York: Animal repellents, including dog and bear pepper sprays, can be legally sold and shipped through online retailers. High decibel personal safety alarms also legal to carry and use. Traditional pepper spray sold in pharmacies and by licensed firearms dealers locally.

Massachusetts: Animal repellent pepper sprays are legal and can be purchased online. Traditional pepper sprays are only available through local licensed firearms dealers and cannot be purchased through online websites.

Michigan: Animal defense sprays and personal alarms can be legally purchased online. Other pepper spray products must be less than 35 grams (approx. 1.2oz) of product and 10% or less OC concentration. OC pepper sprays only. No UV dyes.

Wisconsin: Pepper spray only, no stronger than 10%. Safety features required. Weight allowed 15-60 grams.

California: Canisters must be less than 2.5 ounces.

Washington D.C.: Must register pepper spray possession with local law enforcement.

Be absolute sure you are following state laws and know your limits if you are living in any of the above listed states.


Mace as we once knew it in its tear gas form isn’t going to do you much good because you can’t even get ahold of it anymore, and if you do, it’s probably not even legal for you to use.

Pepper spray is far more effective and is allowed in most states now. Pepper spray, when used properly, targets the attacker’s respiratory system and forces their eyes closed. It causes an immediate overwhelming burning sensation that can last for up to an hour. A well targeted pepper spray to the face will subdue the would-be attacker and give you plenty of time to get away to safety.

And the good news is that Mace brand today actually makes some fine pepper spray products. Sabre is another popular brand that makes all kinds of different versions of pepper spray. Attach it to your keychain, carry in in your purse or pocket, or disguise it as lipstick! All of these options are available through Amazon today.

The Truth About Synthetic Urine

So you’ve got a drug test coming up and you’re thinking about using synthetic urine to ensure your drug test shows up clean. But does synthetic urine actually work? And where would you even get that stuff near you anyway?

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, it’s becoming much more widely used and a much more acceptable social norm. Unfortunately, many companies still test for it and if you have partaken anytime in the past few weeks to past months, it very well could show up on a drug test. This is why people are searching for ways to cheat the system, and synthetic urine is one way to do just that. But there are some (a lot of) risks.

Does Synthetic Urine Actually Work to Pass a Pee Test?

It very well could, but may not. Many testers require an observer while you go to the bathroom. In this case, you’re screwed as soon as he or she sees the fake urine contraption. Even if you don’t have to deal with an observer, many testers test the urine immediately, and if the urine doesn’t fall in the 90-100 degree range, it is an automatic fail.

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There are other ways the testers can also tell if you are using fake pee or not. Presence of creatinine, lack of bubbles, pH level, amount of particulates in the urine, smell, and on and on…

So the point here is that there are a ton of risks to using synthetic urine and it is in your best interest to avoid having to use it all costs. If you have a month or more before your test, there are other, safer alternatives to flushing your body to ensure your test shows up clean.

But back to the actual question of synthetic urine actually working, and some products do actually work. As long as your tester isn’t going the extra measure to ensure its not synthetic urine, you’re probably going to be safe. But nowadays, these safeguards are becoming more prevalent, especially with mandated state and federal drug testing.

Other Things to be Concerned About

Besides wondering if your synthetic urine will pass the test or not, your tester may instead use an oral fluid or hair sample instead. If this is the case, your newly purchased synthetic urine will be of no help whatsoever.

Fluid samples from the mouth have a much shorter detection period, but hair follicles have a very long window of detection. Think days vs months between the two respectively.

Alternatives to Synthetic Urine

Obviously the smart thing to do here is to refrain from using anything that may show up on a drug test IF you know you have one coming up. If you are jobless and are applying for work, it would be in your best interest to refrain as well. But sometimes these drug tests come up with little to no warning and there’s not much you can do about it. In this case, do your best to put off the drug test as long as possible to give your chance to clear and detox your body of the substance.

CBD and TCH typically takes about 60 days to detox to be safe, but there are things you can do to speed this process up. Everyone’s body reacts differently and will detox according to how your body is structured. Metabolism, fat, weight, and how often you partake is just some variables that will affect how long it will take for you to clean yourself out. But here are a few ideas to help you speed up the process…

  • Exercise and sweat as much as possible.
  • Drink a ton of water.
  • Consume a high fiber diet and use fiber supplements.


Using synthetic urine is extremely risky to pass a drug test. There are just so many things that can go wrong and this should be avoided if at all possible. The good news is that you can pass a urine test as long as you are given ample time to clean out your body. While 60 days will ensure you will pass, 30-45 days can be ample enough as well as long as you are taking action to speed up your detoxing process.

CBD Hemp Oil

So you’re looking for CBD Hemp Oil near you. The good news is that hemp oil is legal everywhere in the US and is not regulated or affected at all by federal marijuana laws. Unfortunately, even though it is legal and we all know about the many benefits it brings, CBD hemp oil may not available locally near you.

With that being said, the absolute best brands of CBD hemp oil can be ordered online and shipped directly to your front door! You don’t even have to leave the house to get the best the industry has to offer. In fact, you’ll have plenty of choices even on the most popular platforms like Amazon.


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The reason CBD oil, or hemp oil, isn’t outlawed or regulated by the feds, like marijuana, is because it is classified instead as a dietary supplement. Let’s take a brief look at some of its benefits and the options you’ll want to consider.

A Great Alternative to Pharmaceutical Painkillers

We all know the dangers of painkillers and how addictive they can be. Sure they work, but if you are on them for too long you can become addicted and there are all kinds of side effects that go right along with these painkillers.

CBD hemp oil, on the other hand, is simply a compound found in a plant that when applied offers a whole plethora of health benefits without any of the harmful side effects. CBD oil, according to many studies, has been reported to reduce pain and inflammation, and help with various illnesses, seizures, and even promotes a natural body balance.

Only Buy From Reputable CBD Brands

Since the CBD oil market is still in its early stages, there hasn’t been much regulation of the products on the market to date. This is why it is very important to do your due diligence and research the various brands before you buy.

Here is a brief list of what to look for to make sure you are getting the real deal…

CBD Extraction

There are several ways to get the CBD oil from the hemp plant, and many brands use cheap methods that could be more harmful to your health than beneficial. Stay away from companies that use any flammable hydrocarbon gasses, like propane or butane, to extract the oil.

We advise to find a brand of CBD oil that uses CO2 extraction instead. This option involves extraction from carbon dioxide at much lower temperatures and preserves the purity of the oil much better without the toxins.

Where the Plant Was Grown

The environment where the plant was grown is also an important consideration to look into before you buy. You don’t want hemp oil extracted from plants grown in soil with toxic heavy metals like lead or mercury. Find brands that source their oil from organic certified regions.

Europe probably has the strictest governing system of hemp oil in the world, and most products grown in the EU are probably safe. Just check and make sure it is organic certified.

Make Sure There is CBD in your CBD Oil

This rule is simple. If there is no dosage strength of CBD (usually in mgs) listed on the bottle, there is a good chance that there is no CBD actually in the product. Be sure you read the label and find a brand that shows its CBD strength.


I hope this article has been helpful and has armed you with more knowledge regarding CBD hemp oil. In the US, you will have more luck ordering your oil online than you will trying to find a good brand in a store near you. Just use the advice given above and you will find a product that will perfect for you.

Keep in mind that not all brands and products will work the same for you. You may be best off trying a few different kinds until you find the best one that works best for what you need it to do.

Compression Stockings

Looking for compression stockings near you? Depending on where you live, you may or may not have difficulties in finding locations that sell these. Some drug stores like Walgreens or CVS may carry some compression stockings, but it may not be what you need. As people use these stockings for various reasons, you’ll want to understand what your best options are first before setting off on a shopping run. Here is a brief guide to help you better understand compression stockings and where to buy them.

Compression stockings offer quite a few benefits and people use them for different reasons. Athletes wear them to help them in their chosen sport and to reduce risk of injury or other medical conditions. Doctors or physical therapists use them to reduce localized swelling and to prevent clotting. Or some people may just wear them because they are comfortable.

What Exactly Are Compression Stockings?

Put simply, they are stretchy socks that lightly squeeze your leg from your foot up to your thigh (depending on how high you need them). They come available as a sock that slips on over your feet, like normal socks, or sleeves that are made without a closed end.

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You won’t need a prescription to buy compression stockings as they are available over the counter. However, if you need them as prescribed by your doctor you may be able to get your insurance to cover the cost.

As mentioned previously, most local drug stores carry some versions of compression stockings and they can run anywhere from $10 to over $100 individually or as a pair. You may also find more durable versions meant specifically for sports at sports stores, but expect to pay a little more. And as always, you can find your best selections of different kinds of compression stockings at giant online retailers like Amazon or Wal-Mart.

What Do Compression Stockings Do?

According to several studies and doctors, they have many health benefits. Since they provide pressure on your legs they work to help your blood vessels work more efficiently. The arteries that carry blood to and from your muscles won’t have to work as hard, so the blood flows easily. This helps prevent clotting, reduces swelling, prevents muscle fatigue and cramping, and can also help with treating spider and varicose veins.

Athletes swear by using compression stockings for improved blood flow that helps them prevent muscle fatigue so they can play longer and harder without risking injury. The real benefit comes after they play, as their muscles seem to recover faster, won’t be as sore and won’t deal with near as many cramping problems.

Compression Stocking Options

You will find that these come in all kinds of different sizes, and will even cover different parts of your body. You can buy stockings that go from toe to upper thighs, or smaller ones that apply pressure only to specific parts of the leg like the ankles, calves and/or thighs. Most compression stockings go from toes to just below the knees.

You will also be able to buy different levels of compression or tightness. You’ll want them to feel tight but not overbearing to the point where it hurts. Ask your doctor if you are unsure how tight you need them to be.

TED (thrombo-embolic deterrent) hose stockings (aka anti-embolism stockings) are made specifically for post-operation when you are still bed ridden. Once you are able to stand up, you’ll want to make the switch to graduated compression stockings.

Knee Walkers

So you’re looking for a knee walker. You might be surprised to know that you actually have quite a few choices, not only in brand names, but also styles and options. You may also be surprised to find out that BUYING a knee walker can cost you less in the long run than renting one. Here are a few tips when searching for your first knee walker.

What Exactly is a Knee Walker?

The knee walker is a fantastic alternative to the “not-so-comfortable” crutches. Anyone who has ever used crutches understands just how uncomfortable they can be. Especially if you have to use them for an extended period of time, and/or have to rely on them to traverse stairs, curbs, and other natural obstacles at long distance.

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Knee walkers allow you to take weight off of your one injured leg by propping it on a comfortable, wheeled and steerable mobility device. This device will let you wheel yourself around freely without having your injured leg dangling about like you would on crutches. This helps prevent more injuries and makes moving around a whole lot easier.

Knee Walker Options

A good knee walker will allow you to change position height and angle to allow you to comfortably rest your leg on, no matter your height or injury diagnosis. You will also be able to change the positioning of the handlebars as well to allow you to steer the walker without having to contort your body awkwardly to be able to reach and steer the device.

The majority of “good” knee walkers will allow you to make all of these comfort changes at the simple press and release of a lock and lever. If you need tools to make these changes, it’s probably not the best choice of a knee walker for you.

Using the Knee Walker

Once you have all the comfort options set exactly where you need, the next step is to learn how to use the walker and move about freely. It is important to get used to how it works before you set out on any great adventures. (a.k.a a trip to the mall or doctor.)

Keep in mind that, like with any new tool or device, it will take some time to get used to. So don’t get too frustrated when first starting out.

Position yourself on the walker so you have a good firm grip with your good leg and are nice and balanced so you won’t fall over. Keep your hands rested on the handle bars but don’t lean too much, and always keep a few fingers on the brakes if you start to feel like you are moving too fast. These brakes will come in handy when moving down hill. Just don’t press them too hard or too suddenly.

Once you are in position, go ahead and give yourself a push, just like you would on those scooters (or skateboard) you used to use as a kid. That’s all there is to it. Get some good practice and make sure you feel comfortable enough moving on it before you venture out.

Knee Walker Costs and Options

As I mentioned above, there are a great variety of brands and options when it comes to selecting knee walkers. They come as cheap as $40 or as expensive as $1000 (think electric, motorized walkers). Most of the good brands, like KneeRover, will run from $149 to $349, depending on the bells and whistles you choose to have.

Speaking of all the bells and whistles, you will be able to select from a variety of different add-ons like:

  • Baskets to place items.
  • Front and rear brakes.
  • Road wheels vs all-terrain wheels.
  • Frame sizes, weight and durability. (lighter and more durable frames will cost more)
  • Folding frames.
  • Comfortable knee pads.

Summing Up Knee Walkers

So those are most of the options you’ll have when selecting a knee walker.

In my opinion, unless you only need the walker for a week or less, it always makes more sense to buy vs rent. You’ll end up spending less in the long run, and you’ll have it available to use for yourself or loved one if you’ll ever need it in the future.

I would also advise to stay away from the really cheap options. They probably won’t offer all of the same comfort options and can end up doing more harm than good. Find a well known brand, like KneeRover, decide what options you want, and pull the trigger on making that selection. You’ll be able to move around better, keep your leg better protected, and be much more comfortable moving around.

Thanks for reading this article! I hope it has helped you better realize your options and what to look for when shopping for your new knee walker.

CPAP Supplies

CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure therapy, is a treatment offered for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers. If you’re a bit mystified on how this therapy works, you’re not alone. CPAP therapy and its supplies are a bit complex but the results it can have on a sleep apnea sufferer can literally be lifesaving. Here’s a bit more about CPAP, what it does, how it works, and the essential supplies you’ll need to make it work.

How Does CPAP Work?

Sleep apnea is a serious problem that many Americans suffer from. People with sleep apnea have problems breathing properly in their sleep. They constantly snore which causes obstructions in their airway which can lead to a complete stop of breathing altogether. When you stop breathing you typically wake up and doing this anywhere from a few times to hundreds of times an hour leads to very little sleep at night. And not getting a good night’s rest can lead to many, many problems down the road if not dealt with immediately.

And so the most prescribed and recommended form of treatment for this is, of course, CPAP therapy. CPAP therapy uses a variety of machines and devices to ultimately pump clean air into the airway to keep the throat from sinking, cease snoring and air obstructions altogether so one can enjoy an entire night of restless sleep.

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The CPAP Machine: This is the part you will plug into the power supply. It is the compressor that pumps the air into the airway. These are made to divvy out the precise amount of air pressure, consistently, that is required to keep the throat from collapsing. Not too little and not too much.

Most machines will come with a replaceable air filter that fits onto the air intake. The air filter ensures clean air, void of any impurities, gets into the lungs. The absolute best machines are very quiet and are nothing but a faint white noise in the background.

CPAP Hose: This is the piece that connects from the CPAP machine. It’s the hose that delivers the air from the machine to the mask. Industry standard hoses are around six feet in length which gives the patient ample room to move around in bed at night.

If you are buying a hose separate of what came with your machine, be sure circumference of the hose will fit your machine.

The CPAP Mask: The mask is part that goes over the head and plugs into the mouth and/or nose (or both). There are quite a variety of masks to choose from. Finding the right mask may take some time as all of them will feel differently and choosing a comfortable one will ultimately ensure you get better rest while not being weighed down or bothered by your CPAP mask.

Although there are quite a few brands and makers of CPAP masks to choose from right now, there are still basically only 3 standard frames to select from: the full face mask, nasal pillow, and the nasal mask.

Getting Started With CPAP:

If you suffer from sleep apnea and haven’t already talked to your doctor about taking a sleep study, that is the first thing you will want to do. While it’s not required to go through with the study to try out the CPAP therapy, it may make a difference in whether your insurance covers the cost of the machine and other equipment. There are also other, less intrusive forms of treatment you may want to try first.

Once you have all of the equipment and CPAP supplies you need for treatment, it is imperative that you use the machine regularly to see the best results. Use it every night and document how you feel during the day.

Remember CPAP treatments, even with the best supplies, is not a cure for sleep apnea. It simply ensures you get the proper air into your lungs at night so you can sleep peacefully and uninterrupted.