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Bow Tie Buying Guide

The bow tie is said to be the choice of tie for the ultimate gentleman. So the fact that you landed on this page searching for the perfect bow tie says a lot about you and your fashion sense. Kudos to you for making a bold fashion statement and we’re confident, with our help, you’ll look damn good too. Here are a few tips on how to find the best bow tie for you for any occasion.

Types of Bow Ties

You might be surprised to learn that there are several different types of bow ties to choose from. And they all vary in design depending on functionality or style. They fall into 3 main categories: freestyle, clip-on and pre-tied.

Freestyle Bow Ties

Like normal ties, the freestyle version of the bow tie is simply a piece of fabric that you have to tie up yourself. These are the crème de la crème of the bow tie world, and nothing makes a more bold fashion statement than donning a self-tied, freestyle bow tie. It may take a bit of effort and learning to be able to figure out how to do this perfectly, but once you get it, you got it and you will look great for sure.

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Clip-on Bow Ties

Of course the clip-on bow tie is the easiest and most convenient bow tie to sport on your night out. You don’t have to ever worry about learning how to tie up your bow tie, it won’t take hardly any time to apply, and these are the cheapest and most affordable bow tie options available, locally or online.

Pre-tied Bow Ties

This is exactly what you think it is. It’s a freestyle bow tie that comes tied and ready to wear out fresh off the shelf. All pre-tied and freestyle ties wrap around the collar of the shirt, as opposed to the clip that either pins on to the front, or wraps around and then adheres with a clip and clasp. If you don’t know how to tie a freestyle bow tie, but want to have the same fashion look, the pre-tied bow tie is perfect for you. Just expect to pay a bit more for this good looking convenience.

Common Styles of Bow Ties

Shapes of the ties and colors will vary quite a bit, but there are 3 distinctive styles you will find on the market today: butterfly, batwings and pointed ends.

Butterfly Bow Tie

You will recognize the butterfly style by the distinctive wide curves. It is said that larger, plus size men with round faces and wide necks should use the butterfly style.


This is recognized easily because this style has no curves at all. The ends of the tie are angled perfectly. This narrow style looks best on thinner gentleman with skinny faces.

Pointed End

The pointed end style of bow tie you will recognize as the most classic looking and old school style of bow tie. The ends of this style do curve, but much more narrow than that of the butterfly style. Where the butterfly ends in a straight edge, the pointed end tapers off to a point. Hence the name, pointed end.


Were glad you are searching for a bow tie and are sure you will look good no matter what style you decide on. The bow tie is making a comeback and not all men have the confidence to even try to make it work. Keep in mind that the bow tie doesn’t have to be secluded to a tuxedo. You can wear them and look good with any button down shirt today.

If you are someone searching for bow ties as a permanent and more prominent piece to your wardrobe, we suggest starting at Amazon and checking out their very large selection. There are also other stores online worth checking out if you can’t find anything locally.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Need to add length, color and/or volume to your already beautiful hair? Clip-in hair extensions work perfectly and can be your answer to transform your hair however you please, if length is your problem. Finding quality clip-in hair extensions locally though may not be as easy as you think. Luckily, the internet gives you an unlimited amount of options to choose from. Here are a few pieces of advice to follow when shopping for your new hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extension Facts

You may not have ever tried hair extensions, or clip-in hair extensions. If this is true, let me be the first to tell you that they are very simple to apply and only temporary. So if it’s length you want for that wedding you are going to next weekend, these clip-in extensions will work perfectly for you.

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Also, the way that they attach to your hair is completely safe. They won’t cause any damage or pull out any of your hair. The more permanent hair extensions, however, can and often do cause damage. So you are better off with the clip-in versions if you want to keep your hair healthy.


Even the best clip-ins are relatively inexpensive and certainly won’t take any time to apply and use, as opposed to having to set an appointment at the hair salon and paying those outrageous fees. And they last longer and won’t take near as much maintenance. Probably the biggest and best thing about using clip-ins vs. other hair extensions is that you can take them out or use different one’s whenever you please!


The first thing you’ll want to consider is the length of extensions to use. They clip-in close to the root, so the longer your hair, the longer extensions you’ll need. Here is a chart to help:

  • Short length (6-10”) – Use 10-14” extensions
  • Medium length (11-14”) – Use 14-18” extensions
  • Longer length (15”+) – Use 18” extensions

Human Hair or Synthetic

Human hair: Obviously this is the best options because, well, it’s real. They look better, last longer and will give you more styling options, but you’ll have to pay more. You’ll be able to apply heat and even color this hair. The absolute best clip-in hair extensions you can buy is Remy human hair.

Synthetic hair: A more affordable, and still a great option. Synthetic hair won’t give you as many styling options, but it won’t be affected by weather and they typically last anywhere from 1-3 months before you will have to replace them. But these will work perfectly for special occasions and won’t break the bank.

Clip-in Hair Systems

Last but not least, your buying options include 1-piece or multiple pieces…

1-piece: This is exactly what you think it is. One piece, one attachment. These work great if you are just looking to add a little volume or a little length. These are perfect for beginners who just want to experiment and test.

Multiple pieces: Two or more pieces of hair extensions in a package. Usually they will come in a variety of widths and a variety of wefted hair you will be able to place small to big, moving the way up your hair. These work great for beginners as well because it gives you even more options to work with.

Finding the Right Fedora

Just a generation ago, men, no matter their social status or style preference, would never leave their house without their hat. Today the hat isn’t viewed quite the same, but the Fedora is on a comeback and the right Fedora can add style and flair to any man’s dress game. The biggest problem most people have in finding the right hat is lack of selection and even lack of stores in most localities.

Unless you’re living in a major metropolitan city, you probably don’t have a local Fedora shop to go to. The good news is that the internet can provide where your town cannot. You just have to know the type of Fedora that will look good on you, where to get it online, and the price you’re going to be expected to pay when buying your perfect Fedora. Luckily, this guide will help you do just that.

What Exactly is a Fedora Hat?

If you go back a generation or two and ask someone what a Fedora was, they’d tell you it was simply a felt hat for men. Everyone had one and most of them looked just the same. Today however, the Fedora has taken on new life and there are as many options as there are men; so it seems. You can and should find a Fedora that not only fit’s your face, but one that matches your personality as well.

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The basic characteristics of a fedora, or also known as a snap brim, is it’s soft felt and indented crown. Much like a baseball glove that molds to a players hand and only gets better with time and use, the fedora can be creased, molded and formed however you please.

The Crown: This is the very top part of the hat (Hence the crown. Get it? Good.) and can be shaped into a diamond center crease, or the more popular teardrop crown.

The Brim: Typically very soft and 2-4 inches wide, you’ll find many options in its width, finish and position. The edge of the brim will also differ drastically between hats. It can be left completely unfinished (raw), sewn, trimmed, ribboned, or put together with something known as the “Cavanagh Edge”, which provides a little (or a lot) more strength without stitches. The brim can also be found pointing down or up in the back or front…however you want it.

The Pinch: Exactly where the pinch is and how soft or sharp it is will vary from fedora to fedora.

Material Used: As stated, a true fedora is always, always, always made from felt. The type of felt on each hat may vary from cashmere, rabbit, or the most common being wool.

Added Décor: You’ll typically find a little added flair on every fedora. This could come in the form of a fabric or ribbon band above the brim. Tucked in the fabric some fedoras come styled with a feather, big or small.


Once thought of as an absolute essential part of a man’s wardrobe, the fedora is making a quick comeback and for good reason. Finding the right fedora can add a perfect touch to complete any style, business or casual. Be prepared to travel far and wide to find a nice selection though. Or use the internet to do your shopping at online stores like Gnarly Ninja and find more fedoras than you can imagine.