Bounce Houses and Inflatable Castles

A bounce house (or bounce castle) is a great party toy that all children absolutely love! Whether you rent or decide to buy one to keep around and use for all party occasions, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind before you hit the market. To help you make the right decision and choice for you, here is a brief guide going over some of the finer details you’ll want to look over.

Consider Space Available

The first thing you need to put in mind is the amount of space available. This will guide you in choosing the right size. By considering this factor, you avoid buying one that is either too big or too small for your space. It is advisable you take the dimensions of the available space, so that you will be able to shop for one that will fit this space in a perfect manner.

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Check the Capacity

You should consider the number of children that the bounce house can accommodate. As you do the shopping, you will realize that they are available in many sizes and shapes. As you consider the capacity, you also need to put in mind the weight limit. If it is intended to be used by many children, you obviously need a bigger one.

Consider the Quality

Just like when you are buying any other product, you have to consider the material used in making the bounce house. You should buy one made from high quality and heavy materials for more durability. To enhance safety, it is recommended you get fire proof and puncture free ones. When it comes to quality, you will also need to consider the flow air mechanism. You should consider buying the one that has a flow air mechanism that will make it remain erect at all times AND on the ground.


It is vital you consider the different themes. You will find different themes such as cars, sports, cartoon characters, princesses among others. Choose one with a theme that suits the preferences of the children. Look for a house with a theme that will not bore the children. Maybe ask the kids for their advice. 🙂

Check the Jumping Area

This is the major thing that every house will have. You should shop for a bounce house with a flat surface with the ability to accommodate as many children as possible. The area should also be high to enable the children to jump effectively. The ceiling of the house should also be high to ensure that the children to do not hit the ceiling when they jump.

Look for Accessories Provided

You need to buy a bounce house provided with some of the most important accessories. It should have a repair kit to help in case it gets damaged. The house should also have other accessories including anchors, stakes and air blower.


Make sure that you get one with a warranty for more than one year. The accessories should have their own warranty too. This will ensure that in case they malfunction you get them repaired or replaced at no cost.